Asean Gaming Summit Manila 2017

The first ever Asean Gaming Summit was held in Conrad manila. A detailed oriented event participated by respected personalities in the gaming world. The venue was perfect as it is situated in the heart of developed

The first ever Asean Gaming Summit was held in Conrad manila. A detailed oriented event participated by respected personalities in the gaming world. The venue was perfect as it is situated in the heart of developed Entertainment City in Manila, which was conceptualised years ago.  This district will be  hub of the gaming industry. It can operate its own gaming resort when the government decides to open its doors.

The schedule of the Asean Gaming Summit was tight with various speakers focusing on land based and online gaming topics. Opening keynote was lead by  the current PAGCOR CEO Andrea Domingo. She gave a passionate speech about how the Philippines grows steadily by  assuring that the country  is safe despite the rumor. The existing gaming resorts in Manila was represented by the head of Resorts World Manila, Solaire Resort and Casino, City of Dreams Manila and Okada Manila. They gave their own insights to how they believe that Manila  is growing faster than ever.

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Other countries in Asia, discussed about the opportunities from their representatives from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. Online and Land based gaming regulation developments in South Korea, Japan, Russia and Australia were also part of the talk.

Day 2

Topics about customers from emerging growth of mass, premium mass and VIP tailor making rewards programs to reward loyal customer are elaborated. Localizing programs to suite one needs.

Game designs, live dealers or proxy betting technical license. A key note in the later part in the afternoon talked about online mobile apps and social games to attract players. There is a massive movement in these social platforms.

One of the keynote speaker discussed the importance of creating branding and tapping the right mass media versus affiliate programs. The night was capped off with a cocktail party in House Manila sponsored by IPC and first Cagayan.

Day 3

The day focussed on online gaming (Sportsbook) and its legalities,  and the current trends in E-sports. Advancement in technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality playing a key role in the future was also part of the talk.

Virtual currency like bitcoin as restriction to money transfer is becoming a hot topic lately in various Asian countries which was expounded in the Asean Gaming Summit.

It was concluded by the market retention and good gaming practices by Allen Yan as he emphasize that “the good guys must stick together in order to be able to create a healthy competition in the asian market. Creating associations (like AGSPA) and be active on it will be beneficial.”


A friendly poker game was held at Pokerstars Live Manila at City of Dreams Manila.  Various participants were eager to test their skills. One quite intimidating fellow was a Batista like guy who on his third poker hand got paid with his kings. Drax turn out to be the managing director of Asia for Golden Race but his intimidating feature wasnt enough to win it.

The busted players were happy as most of them could be seen drinking and cheering for their new friends to win it.

“Definitely we welcome special events like this and honored that Asean Gamming summit chose our venue for this event” – Gil Alim the General manager of Pokerstars Live Manila made sure everything was running smoothly as the game progressed.

And as the field got smaller eventually one winner was declared.

The winner Rhys Jones of Zustro bagged the winner and was awarded by the sponsor.

The topics and the panelist and guest speaker are all on point as the allotment of time and space for participants are precised.

One of the heads of Oriental Gaming Mr. Vincent Huang who are the major sponsor of the event has this to say

“As a major sponsor for this event, we are seeking exposure for this market, we learn a lot from this sponsoship and this is a great event. Definitely we will be participating more and more of this event”

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