Empress Vivee Goldman

Empress Vivee: Less than a year after learning to play poker, Empress Vi conquered the scene like how she does it in real life - regally, strategically, and beautifully - playing in 20 final tables of

Empress Vivee Goldman

Empress Vivee: Less than a year after learning to play poker, Empress Vi conquered the scene like how she does it in real life – regally, strategically, and beautifully – playing in 20 final tables of both local and international tournaments. A savvy business woman through and through, Empress Vi makes stone-cold calculated risks and solid investments in the pot when hitting the felt while always looking fantastic, proving that poker in the Philippines is as it should be: fun, smart, and sexy.


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PokerCast Asia: How did u start playing poker?

Empress Vivee:

It was April 18, 2015 when I first touched the cards to play poker. I didn’t know anything about poker. My friend happened to be part of this event playing the Asian Poker Tour (APT) at Resorts World Manila. He taught me the basics as he wanted me to play the Ladies event – which I did. I didn’t have any idea about the rules and guidelines of the game; I didn’t even have a single poker word in my vocabulary. I didn’t even know what “button” meant, or under the gun, positions and so on. I played anyway and if I can remember it right, I managed to be in 9th place without being in-the-money. 

I didn’t play after that event until I came back from Europe. It was the end of May 2015, my friend and I decided to play the tournament at the Asian Poker Tour Weekend Series at the Manila Pavilion Hotel & Casinos; I have joined a couple of events afterwards.

My first winning was on June 9, 2015, at Event #9 of MSW Deep Stack Turbo, where I came in Second Place.


PCA: What made you decide to continue playing poker?

Empress Vivee:

Playing poker is such a fun game for me and at the same time, it is a game of the mind, which makes it more interesting and challenging. Aside from discovering a new hobby, I am blessed and lucky to make it at the final table of a couple of tournaments both local and international. I think I am getting good at it. (PCA: At the date of this post, she has been in 20 Final Tables)


PCA: What is the best encouragement you have received from?

Empress Vivee:

I am very privileged to come across and talk to some of the professional poker players. Most of their comments are “you’re doing great” and “continue the way you play and one day you will get there”.


PCA: What is the best advantage being a female poker player

Empress Vivee:

First, women are known for being “tight players”, or being very cautious of selecting the kind of hand we wanted to play, therefore, we have a bigger advantage in attacking and firing at the field.

Secondly, it’s more advantageous in getting sponsorship. (PCA: She recently became a sponsored player this 2016).


PCA: How was your experience being sponsored player?

Empress Vivee:

It was an awesome experience for me. I am very honored to be the first Filipina sponsored poker player in such a short period of time.

I am grateful to Mel Judah for believing in me and sponsoring me at the New Caledonia Poker Open (NCPO 2016) held at the New Caledonia, Noumea. And my humble appreciation to the Grand Casino de Noumea for the warm welcome. We were well taken cared of as sponsored players during the whole event.


PCA: What is the difference between a sponsored and a stake player?

Empress Vivee:

Being a sponsored player means everything is paid for, from air tickets to hotel accommodation up to the main event entry. But it depends on the company or person that sponsors you since some of the companies have their own terms and conditions.

Staked players on the other had are those players being financed by someone else to play the event for a percentage or a share of winnings on a pre-agreed basis.


PCA: How was your Noumea experience?

Empress Vivee:

Noumea is such a wonderful and unforgettable experience. The place is a Paradise. Beautiful. Scenic. Gorgeous. I would love to come back to for more. The people are friendly and courteous, always saying “hello” or “murjo” to you whether they know you or not.

Overall, It was a great fantastic experience.


PCA: What is next for Vivee Goldman?

Empress Vivee:

Just living humbly and playing more poker events in and out of the country whenever I get the chance. APT, APPT, NCPO, EPT, WPT, WSOP. See you there!

Empress Vivee Goldman | PokerCast Asia

Empress Vivee Goldman

*Photos from Vivee during the New Caledonia Poker Open

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