2016 has been a good year for Jason Lo, this poker pro from HongKong proves that his skills and game is the next big thing to watch out for. His recent win at the Poker


2016 has been a good year for Jason Lo, this poker pro from HongKong proves that his skills and game is the next big thing to watch out for. His recent win at the Poker King Cup Manila marks his name in Asia’s Champions League.


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Jason “The Bull” Wai Tung Lo is the next big thing in Asia. Currently part of the Team Pro of Poker King Club and the Vice Chairman of the HKPPA, one of the strongest poker organization in Asia.





PokerCast Asia had an exclusive talk with Jason soon after his win from the recent Poker King Cup in Manila. He would be playing soon at the APPT Seoul 2016 and WSOP in Vegas.

How much do you enjoy playing poker?

Jason Lo: I am living the dream! Loving every second of playing so it’s awesome.


What made you decide to play poker?

JL: Growing up I love mathematical games and puzzles. I really love two movies that are really popular among Chinese; they are ‘God of Gamblers’ and ‘Poker King’, and developed interest for the game of poker. Before I became a poker pro I was an advantage gambler, it was on one of my outings I came across a huge poker tournament. I took a shot and loved it since.


What is HKPPA? What does it do? How does it help poker players? How can someone become part of it?

JL: Hong Kong Poker Players Association is for poker players in Hong Kong, Asia, everywhere. Our goal is to promote poker as a sport, a game for the mind.

We organize free poker league as well as poker courses so our members can improve their game through learning and practice. We also bring all the poker news and information to our members on our social media platform so they can keep up with the poker world.

Go on our Facebook page and complete a simple form. It’s totally free.


Being the Vice Chairman, what are the main responsibilities you do for HKPPA?

JL: I am involved with poker courses. (HKPPA provides poker lessons to their members)


What makes Jason Lo the next poker sensation in Asia?

JL: I am also part of the Team Poker King Club Pro, and hopefully set a good example of a poker professional.


Are you preparing for the WSOP?

JL: Yes! I am going to APPT Seoul, then straight to Vegas!


What preparations are you doing for this tournament?

JL: I am on my A-game right now, having won a title in each of the last three series I played in. My confidence is at all-time high, so I intend to follow my usual routine, get plenty of rest and go play!


If you can talk to 18 year old Jason Lo, what is your message to him?

JL: I would tell, “Just do what your heart tells you, Jason Lo!”


Heres the Poker Stats of Jason Lo for 2016.

Jason Lo Poker Stats 2016

Jason Lo Poker Stats 2016

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